Saturday, October 31, 2015

Update on the OPTN/UNOS kidney paired donation pilot program through October 2015

Here's a brief update on the UNOS KPD pilot program:
Kidney paired donation pilot program: Five years of lifesaving service, OCT 26, 2015 |

The program "has arranged 155 kidney transplants since its beginning on October 27, 2010. Several more transplants are scheduled to take place over the next several weeks."

That reflects a growing rate of transplants through the UNOS program, which has not yet achieved the volume of other programs, and now accounts for just over 4% of the 3,648 "Paired donation" transplants recorded by the OPTN database. (I'm not sure if those data capture all the kidney exchange chains.)  The majority of kidney exchange transplants in the U.S.  are accomplished through the other multi-hospital kidney exchange networks (NKR and APD), and, increasingly, through exchanges conducted internally by active transplant centers.   

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