Thursday, October 1, 2015

BBC show on algorithms and kidney exchange (tv documentary)

David Manlove writes from Scotland:

"BBC4 have just shown a documentary on algorithms, which featured the Gale-Shapley algorithm and kidney exchange in the UK.  In particular, it shows an excerpt of you and Lloyd Shapley receiving the Nobel Prize.

The programme was shown on 24 September – see  Viewers outside the UK probably cannot watch the footage, but I noticed that someone has posted the programme on YouTube.  It can currently be seen at  The stable marriage part starts at 20:50 and the kidney exchange part follows (from 25:40).  You and Lloyd Shapley are shown at 21:35.

In general I reckon they did a great job of making a complex subject accessible - and I thought that Marcus du Sautoy in particular was very engaging.”

David's work on kidney exchange in the UK is featured in the video, which you can also see below


CD said...

Hi Dr. Roth,

Enjoyed reading your book. Just saw this news which reminded me of the dating site part:

Al Roth said...

Nice--signals on Tinder...