Friday, October 30, 2015

Repugnant Markets and Forbidden Transactions at the WZB (video)

Here's a video of my recent talk at the WZB in Berlin. Dorothea Kubler introduces me.
My talk goes to 55:15  minutes, and then there is a discussion by Stephan Gosepath, followed by my brief reply and then a general discussion with the audience.

At around minute 44 I talk for almost ten minutes about the exciting experimental work of Sandro Ambuehl (here it's a little too bad that the video doesn't include my slides, but you can get the idea). He's on the market this year (you could hire him), and his job market paper reports experiments designed to investigate the intuition, widely held by non-economists, that high payments may constitute "undue inducements" that can potentially harm the recipient.

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