Tuesday, October 6, 2015

American Economic Association election results, and a request for suggestions...

The American Economic Association has announced the results of the recent election of new officers, who join the existing officers:

2016 Election Results--American Economic Association

Alvin RothStanford University
Daron AcemogluMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMarianne BertrandThe University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Executive Committee
John CampbellHarvard UniversityHilary Hoynes

As one of the new officers, I will be interested in hearing suggestions about projects that a soon-to-be president with a one year term might usefully undertake.

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david reinstein said...

There are quite a number of important issues you could address, and people have come up with some very good proposals worth pursuing.

- I'd like to see a strong push (with real carrots and sticks) mandating research transparency, experiment verification, proof-checking, and replication. For example, journals might accept articles 'conditional on replication', published authors could be obligated to perform or fund replications for other papers, and individual papers could be given different levels of certification for transparency and data-sharing.

- I think most people would like to see some way to reduced the influence of extractive for-profit journals.

But It is not clear to me what leverage you have or what endeavours you are considering; can you give us some ideas of the direction you are planning to go?

Personally, I did not vote in the elections because there was no sense of what we were voting for. Only the candidates CV's were given, and no issues were discussed. This might be an easy fix: have some sort of a 'voter guide' where candidates are asked to take a position on the key issues (as in 'real' elections).