Friday, October 23, 2015

Honoring Hugo Sonnenschein, University of Chicago October 23–24, 2015

I'm in Berlin today, heading to Chicago to help celebrate Hugo Sonnenschein:

Conference Honoring Hugo Sonnenschein, University of Chicago
October 23–24, 2015

Friday, October 23

"The University of Chicago Department of Economics and the Becker Friedman Institute are pleased to host the Conference Honoring Hugo Sonnenschein. This conference will bring together friends and colleagues to honor Hugo Sonnenschein’s scholarship, to celebrate his new status as “Charles L. Hutchinson Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus,” and to recognize the exciting work in economic theory that is being carried out today.

Hugo Sonnenschein is an economic theorist whose most important scholarly work concerns the mathematical structure of market demand functions. His fundamental contributions on this topic, which he pioneered, have had a lasting effect on the field of general equilibrium, including the computation of equilibrium prices, and have greatly influenced and continue to influence the development of the theory of the household and of other group decision-making units. He has also made fundamental contributions to demand theory, social choice, imperfect competition, information economics, and game theory. Hugo's thesis supervision history is legendary in the profession. He has supervised the theses of many of the most prominent economic theorists of our generation, thereby ensuring the continued application of mathematical rigor to problems of importance in economics for years to come.

In 2009, he shared the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Laureate in Economics, Finance and Management with Andreu Mas-Colell “for extending the reach and applicability of general equilibrium analysis and for establishing the modern theory of aggregate demand.” Hugo’s recognitions also include Member, National Academy of Sciences, 1990; President, Econometric Society, 1989; Editor, Econometrica, 1977-1984; Distinguished Fellow, American Economic Association, 2005."

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