Friday, April 6, 2012

Unraveling of law internships in Israel

Haaretz reports:
Law students to apply for internships only from third year: Israel Bar Association's council approved the rules governing job offers for internships, though they still require the justice minister's approval.

"Law students will only be accepted for their internships during the third and next to last year of their studies from now on, the Israel Bar Association's council decided yesterday.
"In recent years, law students have started arranging a place for doing their articles as soon as they start their studies, said attorney Orrin Persky, the head of the Bar Association's committee on internships. He explained that this pressure emanated from both the students and the law firms and has created a market failure for finding such posts.
In addition, there are a large number of complaints about students canceling their internship positions, which they had agreed to a year or two earlier.
The new rules would require firms and all other bodies providing internships, such as the State Attorney's Office, to start interviewing no earlier than March 15 of the student's third year for the internship that will start in the following calendar year."

HT: Ran Shorrer

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