Saturday, April 21, 2012

Matching Mechanisms, Market Design Seen as Tools to Address Inequality

A conference in Chicago, this past February, organized by Scott Kominers:
Here's the press release-- --and here's the list of talks:


Download schedule» (.pdf)

9–9:40 a.m. "Consumption and Income Inequality in the U.S. Since the 1960s"
Bruce D. Meyer (joint work with James X. Sullivan)
9:40–10:20 a.m. "Dismantling the Legacy of Caste: Affirmative Action in Indian Higher Education"
Dennis Epple (joint work with Surendrakumar Bagde and Lowell J. Taylor)
10:20–10:35 a.m. Break
10:35–11:15 a.m. "Promoting School Competition Through School Choice: A Market Design Approach"
John William Hatfield (joint work with Fuhito Kojima and Yusuke Narita)
11:15–1:55 a.m. "School Admissions Reform in Chicago and England: Comparing Mechanisms by Their Vulnerability to Manipulation"
Tayfun Sonmez (joint work with Parag Pathak)

1–2 p.m. Invited Address:
"Matching with Evolving Human Capital"
Lones Smith (joint work with Axel Anderson)
2:00–2:15 p.m. Break
2:15–2:55 p.m. "Effective Affirmative Action in School Choice" M. Bumin Yenmez (joint work with Isa E. Hafalir and Muhammed A. Yildirim)
2:55–3:35 p.m. "Matching with Slot-Specific Priorities: Theory and Applications" Scott Duke Kominers (joint work with Tayfun Sonmez)
3:35–3:50 p.m. Break
3:50–4:30 p.m. "Do Parents Choose under the Boston Mechanism?" Caterina Calsamiglia (joint work with Maia Guell)
4:30–-5:10 p.m. "Homophily and Transitivity in Dynamic Network Formation"
Bryan Graham 

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