Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A black market kidney sales dystopia in China

This is the kind of black market that keeps my surgeon colleague Frank Delmonico travelling around the world in an effort to firm up laws (and enforcement of laws) against kidney sales: Five Charged After Chinese Teen Sells Kidney to Buy iPhone

"Five people in southern China have been charged with intentional injury in the case of a Chinese teenager who sold a kidney so he could buy an iPhone and an iPad, the government-run Xinhua News Agency said on Friday.According to the Xinhua account, one of the defendants received about 220,000 yuan (about $35,000) to arrange the transplant. He paid Wang 22,000 yuan and split the rest with the surgeon, the three other defendants and other medical staff.
"The report did not say who received and paid for the kidney.

"China banned the trading of human organs in 2007, Xinhua said. Several other suspects involved in the case are still being investigated."

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