Monday, May 11, 2020

Double bubble: Locking up with exactly one other household during lock down

You thought your hard interpersonal decisions ended in high school, or when you married?  Not if you live in parts of Canada, where households will now be allowed to expand their social-distancing radius to include exactly one other household.

The WP has the story:

Canadian provinces allow locked-down households to pair up — threatening hurt feelings all around

"While jurisdictions around the world begin to relax their coronavirus restrictions, a handful are pioneering a novel — and potentially fraught — approach: The double bubble.

"There are rules — and they are not for the commitment-phobic. Each household may join with only one other household. Both sides must agree — for better, for worse — to a mutually exclusive relationship. The decision applies to all members of both households. And it’s final.
"The arrangement isn’t unique to Newfoundland and Labrador. New Brunswick has also introduced it. So has New Zealand. And the English Channel island of Guernsey.

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