Saturday, May 16, 2020

Transplants dropped as Covid-19 rose, in France and the U.S.

In France, even more than in the U.S., kidney transplants were considered elective surgery.

In the Lancet:

Organ procurement and transplantation during the COVID-19 pandemic
Alexandre Loupy, Olivier Aubert, Peter P Reese, Olivier Bastien, Florian Bayer, Christian Jacquelinet
Published:May 11, 2020

Here is a set of figures showing "Trends in COVID-19 spread over time in France and the USA and recovery of organs and solid-organ transplantation procedures from deceased donors" (The top two figures are France, the bottom two US)

Here's an updated snapshot of American transplants from UNOS, for all organs:

and for kidneys:

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