Sunday, May 10, 2020

Buying and selling blood plasma, with focus on Canada, continued

Peter Jaworski writes:

"I had a video with Big Think come out recently where I defend paying for plasma against a number of objections. It’s a bit on the long side (17 minutes), but I thought you might be interested in posting it to your blog:

"I also had an opinion piece on the same topic published in the National Post (with Kate Vander Meer, who is a patient that used plasma therapies):"

From the video transcript:

"Out of all the countries in the world only the ones that pay people to make that donation are self-sufficient in plasma therapies. And even the ones that pay not all of them are, in fact, sufficient. So there are only seven countries in the world that legally permit paying people for plasma donations – Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechia or the Czech Republic, parts of Canada. And I'll talk about Canada in a second. The United States, of course, and China. Those are the seven countries in the world that permit payment. Every other country that does not allow payment for plasma donations imports plasma therapies that make use of plasma primarily from Americans. Germans as well, but primarily Americans. "
And here's the op-ed:

Opinion on COVID-19: Canada needs to pay plasma donors to protect its domestic supply
Kate Vander Meer and Peter Jaworski: In order to ensure that enough people are willing to give plasma to meet the ever-expanding need, we must urgently adopt a pay-for-plasma model here at home

"There’s no evidence that anything other than paying for plasma will work. According to an expert panel formed by Health Canada in 2018, paid donors in countries that permit payment are responsible for providing 89 per cent of the plasma used to make therapies, with the United States alone providing 70 per cent of the global supply. The panel also revealed that no country in the world that forbids paid donations collects enough plasma to meet its needs — not one!"

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