Sunday, March 29, 2020

Family legacies in Operations Research (and related fields)

ORMS Today has an article on multi-generations of operations researchers, broadly defined.

Like father, like son and daughter
All in the family tree: INFORMS rich with O.R. legacies

I know only some of the folks they interviewed: here's the full list.

The Wikums
Erick and his son Anders

The Weintraubs
Andres and his son Gabriel 

The Weins
Lawrence, his son Alex and daughter Nicole

The Roths
Al and his son Aaron

The Elmaghrabys
Wedad and her father Salah

The Bixbys
Robert and his daughter Ann

The Armacosts
Robert and his son Andrew

The Camms
Jeff and his daughter Allison

The Hilliers
Fred and his son Mark (and almost his granddaughter Sarah)

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