Sunday, March 1, 2020

Don't need no education -- arguments about California propositions to raise revenue for community colleges

I'm spending part of the day perusing the California ballot for Tuesday's elections, which include not only the widely anticipated, contested Democratic presidential primary, but also some voter referenda.  In Santa Clara County, where I live, there are two measures on the ballot, G and H, aimed at raising revenue for our highly regarded community colleges.  Measure G proposes issuing bonds (to be supported by property taxes), and H proposes a direct property tax levy.  The County issues a voter information guide which publishes the text of the measures, together with statements by interested parties both for and against the measures, with rebuttals.

Here is a paragraph that caught my eye from the REBUTTAL TO ARGUMENT IN FAVOR OF MEASURE H* submitted by an organization calling itself  Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association.

"Voters in this district are not fools. But voters in richer districts tend to approve tax increases without insufficient analysis."

*this can be found on N SC Ballot Type 001 - Page 024, which is page 26/44 of the pdf at the link to the information guide.

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