Thursday, April 16, 2015

Uber and "safety by design"

I've written a lot about how marketplaces have to help markets become thick, deal with the congestion that can accompany thick markets, and make the market safe to participate in.  I just got a nice email from Uber illustrating how they are thinking about that third point, on the rider side of the market.

Drivers pass federal, multi-state, and county background checks before driving.
Extensive Screening
Uber prohibits drug or alcohol offenses, severe traffic violations, and sexual offenses.
From pick up to drop off, your ride is covered by a $1M commercial insurance policy.


Safe Pickups
The app pinpoints your location so you can request a ride from anywhere and wait safely.
Nobody’s A Stranger
Your driver's name, photo, and vehicle information appear in the app.
Disguised Phone Numbers
Communication between riders and drivers is anonymized to protect private phone numbers.


Always On The Map
The GPS-enabled map provides your driver's location and trip details in real-time.
Share My ETA
Share your ETA with friends and family to keep track of your ride and safe arrival.
Hassle-Free Payments
Your credit card is on file so you never need to carry cash or stop at an ATM.


Actionable Feedback
You rate your experience after every trip and drivers do the same.
Trip History
After each ride, you receive a detailed email receipt with trip route, driver name, and total fare.
24/7 Support
Lose something? Have questions? Contact our 24/7 customer support.

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Marice said...

Uber executives being tech people know dam well how rating systems are not fair and how people will give good drivers bad ratings just cause.