Saturday, April 4, 2015

The market for orgies

The Telegraph reports on The rise and rise of the upmarket orgy
"Behind the Dominique Strauss-Khan pimping trial lurks the extraordinarily widespread popularity of the sex party"

"Strauss-Kahn’s parties, which he described as “recreational sessions in a hectic life”, adding “six girls at once did not seem a considerable number”, appear to have been organised by friends in venues round the world, including Les Chandelles, an exclusive Paris swingers’ venue, and wife-swapping clubs at the Carlton Hotel in Lille, the Amigo Hotel and Tantra in Brussels, and his own bachelor flat on Rue d’Iena, close to his main Parisian residence.

“I hear about parties like these all the time, they’ve been going on for centuries,” says Emma Sayle, founder of Killing Kittens, which holds 14 upmarket sex parties a month in locations around the globe. Sayle considers the four-a-year tally to be “average” for her 50,000 members, though some attend one a week."
"Chris Reynolds Gordon runs Heaven SX, which bills itself as Britain’s most “elite” purveyor of sex parties – achieved by vetting wannabe guests’ photos. “Our parties are in gorgeous mansions, we only want gorgeous people in their twenties and thirties, though we do have some very attractive people in their forties as well,” he says.
"According to Sayle, 36, who attended private school Downe House with Kate Middleton, many sex parties – especially those with big age gaps between the men and women – are full of hookers. “Having said that, there are always some women who are attracted by power and lifestyle.”

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