Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Headlines that could have been dated April 1

Golfers terrified amid hunt for 'disembowelling' bird

Team of pet detectives called in to catch the 6ft South American bird which has taken up residence on a Hertfordshire golf course

"For days, the members of Barkway Park Golf Club have had to pluck up courage to venture out to play, for fear of being attacked by a 6ft bird reputedly capable of disembowelling a man with a flick of its six-inch claws.
But help is now at hand, after a team of professionals were called in to track down and capture the South American creature..."


Space hopper man caught bouncing through underpass


German court rules that men can urinate while standing


Richard Dawkins wants to fight Islamism with erotica.

Belle de Jour author Brooke Magnanti insists she was a call girl
"Belle de Jour writer Dr Brooke Magnanti goes to court to defend her claims that she worked as prostitute, saying she will "present evidence that I was a sex worker" in unusual libel battle with her former boyfriend Owen Morris"

See my post from April 2014:

Headlines that could have been dated April 1, from the Telegraph


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