Saturday, March 22, 2014

Timothy Taylor discusses the debate on whether selling a kidney should be legal

At his blog Conversable Economist, Timothy Taylor gives a nice summary of the arguments in the recent debate in the Journal of Medical Ethics that I posted about here.

Selling a Kidney?

He concludes:
"My sketch here cannot do justice to all of the arguments involved, but I will add two points. First, at present, the main source of kidney donations is people who die unexpectedly, with a few voluntary donors. In the meantime, thousands of Americans die every year awaiting a kidney transplant. I can easily imagine that a substantial group of healthy people might not be willing to donate a kidney for free, but would be willing to do so for substantial compensation, and encouraging transplants from healthy donors could save thousands of lives. Second, it troubles me that we often expect the donors of kidneys and blood to act out of sheer altruism, but we have no such expectation of any of the other participants in an organ transplant, like the health care providers or the hospital. "

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