Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dignity in dying (versus assisted suicide)

Views on what are repugnant transactions sometimes change, and it may be that those who are seeking change are wise to re-frame the issue.  Something like that is going on in the U.K. right now, where assisted suicide is illegal (as it is in most places).

Here's the website of the Campaign for Dignity in Dying, which says:
"We campaign to change the law to allow the choice of an assisted death for terminally ill, mentally competent adults, within upfront safeguards. You can help us make that change happen.

Under our current law, some dying people are forced to suffer against their wishes. If we can change the law no more people will die, but fewer will suffer. Change the law - take action."

Elsewhere they define: ASSISTED DYING
"Assisted dying is when a terminally ill, mentally competent adult, making the choice of their own free will and after meeting strict legal safeguards, takes prescribed medication which will end their life."

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