Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Webcast of the luncheon talks on market design from the 2014 AEA Annual Meeting

The AEA has posted a collection of webcasts from the 2014 annual meeting in Philadelphia, including from the
Nobel Laureate Luncheon
William Nordhaus; Paul Milgrom; Roger Myerson 
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The video is a little less than an hour: and consists of brief introductions by Nordhaus, and talks on market design and its history by Milgrom and Myerson, and a short talk by me with some thoughts on the future of market design as economic engineering and the science that supports it.  (spoiler: I think it will be important to study congestion...)

Eleven 2014 Annual Meeting sessions are available online. (I enjoyed Claudia Goldin's magisterial address on gender and jobs, which reminded me of the work following up on this and the matching aspects of pursuing both careers and marriages, of our joint student Stephanie Hurder.):
  •    AEA Presidential Address "A Grand Gender Convergence: Its Last Chapter" (Claudia Goldin)
  •    AEA Awards Ceremony (William Nordhaus)
  •    Richard T. Ely Lecture "Retirement Security in an Aging Population" (James Poterba)
  •    Nobel Laureate Luncheon (Paul Milgrom, Roger Myerson, and Alvin Roth)
  •    AEA/AFA Joint Luncheon (Jeremy Stein)
  •    Chairman Bernanke Presentation (Ben Bernanke, Kenneth Rogoff, and Anil Kashyap)
  •    What's Natural? Key Macroeconomic Parameters after the Great Recession
  •    Discounting for the Long Run
  •    Financial Globalization
  •    Climate Change Policy after Kyoto
  •    Macroeconomics of Austerity

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