Monday, January 20, 2014

Ricky Vohra's class in market design at Penn

Ricky Vohra is teaching market design at Penn, and describes it on his blog: Graduate Market Design Class (2nd Try)

Here's the reading list

Topics & Papers
1. IPOs
Jaganathan and Sherman: Why do IPO Auctions Fail
Ritter: Equilibrium in the IPO market
Background Reading (to be read by all)
Ljungqvist: IPO Underpricing: A Survey
Ritter and Welch: A review of IPO activity, pricing and allocations

2. Health Care & Insurance Markets
Cochran, J: Time Consistent Health Insurance, JPE 1995.
Cochran, J. : After the ACA: Freeing the market for health care
Fang & Gazzara: Dynamic Inefficiencies in an Employment-Based Health Insurance System: Theory and Evidence
Handel, Hendel and Whinston: Equilibria in Health Exchanges: Adverse Selection vs. Reclassification Risk
Levine, Kremer and Albright: Making Markets for Vaccines
Kremer: Creating Markets for New Vaccines Part 1: rationale
Kremer: Creating Markets for New Vaccines Part 2: design issues 
Background Reading (to be read by all)
Rothschild, M. & J. Stiglitz: Equilibrium in Competitive Insurance Markets, QJE 1976.
Fang, H: Insurance Markets in China
3. Market for Cybersecurity Insurance
Kesan, Majuca & Yurcik: Cyberinsurance as a market based solution to the problem of cybersecurity

4. Affirmative Action
Hickman: Effort, Race Gaps and Affirmative Action: A Game Theoretic Analsyis of College Admissions
Chung: Affirmative Action as an Implementation Problem
Fryer and Loury: Valuing Identity: The simple economics of Affirmative action policies
Background Reading (to be read by all)
Fang and Moro: Theories of Statistical Discrimination and Affirmative Action: a survey

5. Assigning Counsel
Friedman & Schulhofer: Rethinking Indigent Defense: Promoting Effective Representation Through Consumer Sovereignty and Freedom of Choice for All Criminal Defendants

6. The Role of Politics
Acemoglu: Why not a political Coase theorem?
Acemoglu: Modeling Inefficient Institutions

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