Sunday, January 5, 2014

Market design today in Philadelphia

Two sessions I'll be attending at today's AEA meetings...

Jan 05, 2014 8:00 am, Pennsylvania Convention Center, 204-C 
American Economic Association
Frontiers of Market Design (D4)
PresidingALVIN ROTH (Stanford University)
The High-Frequency Trading Arms Race: Frequent Batch Auctions as a Market Design Response
ERIC BUDISH (University of Chicago)
PETER CRAMTON (University of Maryland)
JOHN SHIM (University of Chicago)
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Organ Donation Loopholes Undermine Warm Glow Giving: An Experiment Motivated By Priority Loopholes in Israel
ALVIN E. ROTH (Stanford University)
JUDD KESSLER (University of Pennsylvania)
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Mechanism Design in Large Games: Incentives and Privacy
MICHAEL KEARNS (University of Pennsylvania)
MALLESH PAI (University of Pennsylvania)
AARON ROTH (University of Pennsylvania)
JONATHAN ULLMAN (Harvard University)
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Strategy-Proofness, Investment Efficiency, and Marginal Returns: An Equivalence
JOHN WILLIAM HATFIELD (Stanford University)
FUHITO KOJIMA (Stanford University)
SCOTT DUKE KOMINERS (University of Chicago)
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MICHAEL OSTROVSKY (Stanford University)
JAMES ANDREONI (University of California-San Diego)
ILYA SEGAL (Stanford University)
LARRY SAMUELSON (Yale University)

Jan 05, 2014 10:15 am, Pennsylvania Convention Center, 204-A 
American Economic Association
Market Design for Auction Markets (D7)
PresidingPAUL MILGROM (Stanford University)
The VCG Auction in Theory and in Practice
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Market Design and the Evolution of the Combinatorial Clock Auction
LAWRENCE AUSUBEL (University of Maryland)
OLEG BARANOV (University of Colorado)
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The Continuous Combinatorial Ascending Price Auction
CHARLES R. PLOTT (California Institute of Technology)
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Deferred Acceptance Heuristic Auctions and United States Spectrum Repurposing
PAUL MILGROM (Stanford University)
ILYA SEGAL (Stanford University)
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ALVIN E. ROTH (Stanford University)
TAYFUN SONMEZ (Boston College)

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