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Ten kidney exchange transplants on World Kidney Day in Ahmedabad, India

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Clinical Studies
Ten kidney paired donation transplantation on World Kidney Day 2013: raising awareness and time to take action to increase donor pool
Posted online on August 12, 2013. (doi:10.3109/0886022X.2013.823997)
1Department of Nephrology and Clinical Transplantation,
2Department of Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Transfusion Services and Immunohematology,
3Department of Urology and Transplantation, and
4Anesthesia and Critical Care, Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center, Dr. HL Trivedi Institute of Transplantation Sciences (IKDRC-ITS),
Address correspondence to
Dr. Vivek Kute
Department of Nephrology and Clinical Transplantation, Institute of Kidney Diseases & Research Centre, Dr. HL Trivedi Institute of Transplantation Sciences (IKDRC- ITS), Civil Hospital Campus,
Ahmedabad 380016, Gujarat
India. Tel.: +91 79 22687000; Fax: +91 79 2268 5454; E-mail: 


Background: Kidney paired donation (KPD) is feasible for any center that performs living related donor renal transplantation (LRDRTx). Lack of awareness, counseling and participation are important hurdles in KPD patients with incompatible donors. Materials and methods: This is an institutional review board approved study of 10 ESRD patients who consented to participate in the KPD transplantation at our center. All the surgeries were carried out on the same day at the same center on the occasion of World Kidney Day (WKD) (14 March 2013). All recipients had anatomic, functional and immunological similar donors. Results: KPD were performed to avoid blood group incompatibility (n = 8) or to avoid a positive crossmatch (n = 2). None of the patients experienced delayed graft function and surgical complications. At 3 month follow-up, median serum creatinine was 1 (range 0.6 to 1.25) mg/dL and two patients developed allograft biopsy-proven acute rejection and responded to antirejection therapy. Due to impact of our awareness activity, 20 more KPD patients are medically fit for transplantation and waiting for permission from the authorization committee before transplantation. Conclusion: This is a report of 10 simultaneous KPD transplantations in a single day in a single centre on WKD raising awareness of KPD. KPD is viable, legal and rapidly growing modality for facilitating LRDRTx for patients who are incompatible with their healthy, willing LRD.

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