Saturday, August 10, 2013

Boston College and TUBITAK celebrate Utku Unver

From the B.C. Chronicle yesterday, announcing that Utku Ünver has won the Special Award in Science of the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) (2013) (Tubitak's highest award for a Turkish scholar working abroad)

"Ünver, who joined Boston College in 2008, has been granted a Special Award in Science by the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council, which recognizes Turkish scientists who have significantly contributed to science by their work abroad. Ünver was the sole recipient of the award in the Social Sciences category, cited for his work on economic design, matching models and kidney exchange schemes, many of which have involved collaboration with colleague Professor Tayfun Sönmez and recent Nobel Prize recipient Alvin Roth."

Here's an earlier announcement: TÜBİTAK ödülleri açıklandı! (TUBITAK Awards Winners Announced)

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