Friday, August 26, 2011

Market design courses in Boston this semester

Boston is humming with market design courses.

Tayfun Sonmez will be offering an undergraduate course on market design at Boston College: Advanced Microeconomic Theory (T Th 13:30 - 14:45 AM).
There's no web site, but the course focuses on various aspects of matching, including some of Tayfun's latest work.

Susan Athey will be offering an undergrad course on market design at Harvard:
Economics 1056: Market Design Harvard College/GSAS: 69207 Fall 2011-2012   Location: Sever Hall 106, Meeting Time: Tu., Th., 2:30-4

Ben Edelman and Peter Coles will be offering an MBA course at HBS,

Intended primarily for MBA’s.  Has one module firmly grounded in market design: 
“Monetization and Market Design: What structures, rules, and incentives create a well-functioning online ecosystem? We examine review and reputation systems, dynamic marketplace pricing, and institutions to create a safe environment for users, while at the same time protecting a site from liability.”

Peter Coles and I will be giving a graduate course on market design at Harvard:
Economics 2056a: Market Design  Harvard College/GSAS: 3634, Fall 2011-2012, Location: Littauer Center M-16, Meeting Time: F., 9-12

And next semester, Parag Pathak will be offering an undergrad course in market design at MIT.

Update: and Sven Seuken points out that David Parkes at Harvard is offering "Economics and Computation" in Computer Science this Fall. It will touch on a couple of market design topics:

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