Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dynamic Games and Applications: Special Issue on Stochastic Games

Dynamic Games and Applications Special Issue on Stochastic Games

Guest Editors: Andrzej Nowak, Eilon Solan, Sylvain Sorin

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the seminal paper of L.S. Shapley in 1953, Dynamic Games and Applications will publish in 2013 a special issue on stochastic games.

Shapley’s Stochastic Games paper has had a tremendous scientific impact, and there is still a
very active research on this area, and in particular in:
• zero‐sum repeated games and Shapley operator, asymptotic and uniform approach
• games with signals and link to incomplete information games
• non zero ‐ sum games : asymptotic and uniform approach
• Nash and correlated equilibria
• link with quitting and stopping games
• infinite stochastic games
• algorithms and dynamics for stochastic games
• applications in, e.g., biology, computer science, economics, finance, transportation

The special issue welcomes submissions from theoreticians and applied researchers working on all aspects of stochastic games, as well as on their applications in all fields.

Submission Deadline: March 2012
Publication Date: March 2013 (first issue of Volume 3 of DGAA)

For submission instructions, please visit:

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