Monday, August 29, 2011

Conference on Frontiers in Market Design

Bettina Klaus has announced two conferences on market design. The one that is imminent is

Market Design Workshop on September 14th, 2011, Maastricht University, The Netherlands:
The speakers are Bettina KlausFlip KlijnScott Duke KominersMorimitsu KurinoAlexey KushnirMarkus Walzl, and Alexander Westkamp. The workshop program and abstracts of presented papers can be downloaded here:Workshop Program and Abstracts of Presented Papers

And here's a "pre-announcement" of one in May...

Frontiers in Market Design: Matching Markets
May 20 – 23, 2012
Centro Stefano Franscini (, MonteVerità, CH

"Dear colleagues,

Together with Itai Ashlagi, Péter Biró, Federico Echenique, Flip Klijn, and Alvin Roth, I am planning a conference on Market Design with a focus on Matching Markets at a very nicely located Swiss conference centre.

We aim to organize a worthy follow-up to the conference that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Two-Sided Matching: A Study in Game-Theoretic Modeling and Analysis by Alvin Roth and Marilda Sotomayor ( We hope to bring together researchers from different fields (economics, computer science, etc.) and attract many young researchers.

With this pre-announcement, we would like to see how many participants we might be able to count on (we will be able to accommodate up to 22 talks). The reason for this unorthodox procedure is that I will have to make a reservation of the conference room and of the needed accommodation capacity at the Conference Centre hotel well in advance (with penalties applying if the reserved capacities are left unused).

Depending on the exact number of participants, the conference fee will amount to about 800 CHF (this conference fee includes the accommodation for 3 nights at Hotel Monte Verità and full board during the conference). Unfortunately, this currently amounts to almost 1000$ (the Swiss Franc is quite strong). We did not yet succeed in obtaining further funding for the conference that would allow us to subsidize the on-site costs), but we are still working on that. If you can think of any funding opportunity we might be able to apply for, please let me know.

In order for us to facilitate the conference planning and later also reserve the corresponding conference room and conference accommodation, I would like to ask you to send an e-mail to me (Bettina Klaus at before October 1st indicating the following:

(A) You are very likely to attend this conference (this would be an indication for me to count you as a participant of the conference for the conference room and accommodation reservation).

(B) You are very interested in attending this conference, but not sure yet (I can then keep you informed via a conference mailing list).

(C) You are not likely to attend the conference. In this case, no need to send an e-mail (you will not receive further mailings concerning the conference).

Thanks a lot & have a great (remaining) summer,
Bettina et al."


Anonymous said...

Are there frontiers in Market Design?

Al Roth said...

:) I guess you mean that in the long term there are no limits? But in the present there are certainly frontiers that we push against...