Saturday, August 6, 2011

Divorce in Malta

The BBC reported a few weeks ago on the retreat of another formerly-more-widely repugnant transaction, divorce.

Malta has voted "Yes" in a non-binding referendum on legalising divorce

"Almost three-quarters of the electorate voted on Saturday on whether divorce should be introduced in Malta.

"A majority Catholic country, Malta is the only EU country not to allow divorce.

"Figures from the electoral commission late on Saturday showed turnout was 72%, the Times of Malta reports.
"Dr Gonzi, who campaigned against the introduction of divorce, has said it is now up the parliament to enact a law legalising the dissolution of marriage on the island.

"The Catholic Church, which is very influential in the archipelago, had also supported a "No" vote during the campaign.
"Malta is one of only two countries in the world (with the Philippines) to ban divorce - apart from the Vatican.

"Chile was the last country to legalise divorce in 2004 after overwhelming public pressure."

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Nitin said...

about time, welcome to the 21st century.