Saturday, September 8, 2018

The first global kidney exchange: temporarily ungated link

Here's a shareable link to the paper below, which I blogged about earlier without having an ungated link. This link is good til October 27. [Update: here's a possibly longer lasting ungated link.}
Along with the medical details of this successful kidney exchange chain, the paper shares some of the arguments we've heard suggesting that Global Kidney Exchange might be objectionable, and our replies, in considerable detail:)

Complete Chain of the First Global Kidney Exchange Transplant and 3-yr Follow-up



Global Kidney Exchange (GKE) offers an opportunity to expand living renal transplantation internationally to patients without financial means. These international pairs are entered into a US kidney exchange program that provides long-term financial support in an effort to identify opportunities for suitable exchanges for both these international pairs and US citizens.


While the promise of GKE is significant, it has been met with ethical criticism since its inception in 2015. This paper aims to demonstrate the selection process and provide >3 yr of follow-up on the first GKE donor and recipient from the Philippines.

About the link, Elsevier writes: 

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