Sunday, September 9, 2018

College admissions "customer relations management" software, and the marketing of Slate

The Chronicle of Higher Ed has a story about customer-relations management systems (CRMs) used by colleges to organize their marketing and admissions, focusing on one called Slate and how it sells itself to admissions officers:

A Tech Whiz Is Conquering College Admissions. It Takes Charm, Innovation, and Dancing Sharks.

"What is Slate? Technically, it’s a customer-relations management system, or CRM, which many colleges use to track data about prospective students and serve them customized information. Imagine a big virtual file cabinet full of such data, with a built-in brain that tells you how to act on it, responding to students’ interests and behaviors.

"Many admissions offices of all stripes rely on Slate for just about everything they do. Enrolling a freshman class requires relentless grunt work, and the system automates a great deal of it. An admissions officer who’s about to visit a high school can use Slate to send a text message to the cellphones of 20 prospective applicants there all at once.

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