Thursday, April 27, 2017

Talking to nephrologists about kidney exchange

Most conversations about kidney exchange (aka kidney paired donation, kpd) are with transplant professionals. But kidney patients start out being referred to a nephrologist, and so it was good to be able to talk to nephrologists at the recent meeting of the National Kidney Foundation.

My talk was about how kidney exchange has made a lot of progress, and become a standard part of transplantation, but that there's still room for it to grow and help more patients get transplants.   In that regard I focused on two recent initiatives, starting a non-directed donor chain with a deceased donor kidney, and global kidney exchange to bring developing world patient-donor pairs into American kidney exchange to the mutual benefit of both kinds of pairs.

Here's a news story from Nephrology News (with a headline that unfortunately disses the many pioneers of kidney exchange):

Father of kidney exchange says it’s time for a refresh

And here's a story that focuses on starting kidney exchange chains with a deceased donor kidney, from the Dutch Nier nieuws (Kidney news)

'Start donatieketting met overleden donor'
("Start donation chain with deceased donor")

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