Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A bridge of life: Global kidney exchange between Mexico and the U.S.

And in English translation:

Here's the story, by Iván Carrillo:
Un puente de vida a través de la tecnología
Al mismo tiempo que el presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, busca construir un muro de miles de kilómetros en la frontera con México, un incansable cirujano y un reconocido economista suman esfuerzos para intercambiar órganos entre ciudadanos de ambos países

 Update: here's an English translation on the web :!/noticias/a-bridge-of-life
"A bridge of life through technology
At the same time that US President Donald Trump is seeking to build a wall of thousands of miles on the border with Mexico, a tireless surgeon and a renowned economist join forces to exchange organs between citizens of both countries"

Further Update: Here's a corrected English translation provided by  Newsweek en Español, to be used only for nonprofit and educational  purposes.

Here's an earlier post about Marisol Robles, the Mexican patient in the global kidney exchange chain in the article:

La maga de riñones: The kidney conjurer (a poem about kidney exchange by Marisol Robles)

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