Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Are Uber drivers contractors or employees? It's in the courts

The WSJ has the story: Meet the Boston Lawyer Who’s Putting Uber on Trial
"Ms. Liss-Riordan represents drivers who say the ride-service company has illegally classified them as freelancers and not employees, barring them from reimbursements for their expenses, among other protections. She is also suing Lyft, Postmates and others over the labor model on which they depend.
"The closely watched Uber case, which continues in federal court in San Francisco on Wednesday, won class-action status in September and could go to trial as early as next year. A final verdict against Uber in this case could change how the firm does business with its drivers and send shocks through the on-demand economy.

"Uber’s lawyers have argued that it is a software platform connecting car owners with people seeking rides, and not the manager of a fleet of drivers. The $51 billion venture-backed company has no plans to settle and is willing to fight the case to the Supreme Court if necessary, according to people familiar with its legal strategy."

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