Thursday, November 26, 2015

A deportation delayed, to allow for a kidney exchange.

Here's a complicated story:

KIDNEY TRANSPLANT: Brother gets reprieve before deportation to Cambodia

"A life-and-death fight by two Stockton brothers to delay the deportation of one of them for humanitarian reasons appears headed toward a positive outcome for the men, who came to the United States from Cambodia as refugees in 1985.

"A recent ruling by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will allow Touch Hak, 38, to remain in this country for three more years before his deportation for a past drug offense.

"Those three years will allow Hak to participate in a paired kidney-donation program intended to help his brother, 50-year-old Puthy Hak, receive the transplant he needs to remain alive.

“I did my (prison time) for nine years,” Touch Hak said Monday. “I tried to really rehabilitate myself. It’s a lot of weight lifted from our shoulders. All I want to do is give my brother another chance. This will open another door for him.”

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