Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The kidney market in Iran: Russ Roberts interviews Tina Rosenberg (podcast)

This summer, Tina Rosenberg of the NY Times wrote about the Iranian kidney market, which I blogged about here:  Iran's market for kidneys in the NY Times

Now Russ Roberts at EconTalk has a podcast in which he interviews her:Tina Rosenberg on the Kidney Market in Iran

(He starts off by saying that in the podcast he did with me, I mentioned that there was a cash market in Iran, but he hadn't had time to follow up on that...)

Ms. Rosenberg spends some time talking about the fact that Iranian donors seem to feel stigmatized by selling a kidney, and prefer to remain anonymous, sometimes to the extent of not coming in for post surgical care, having given false contact information to the administrators involved.

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