Thursday, September 24, 2015

Israeli law internships serve multiple purposes, as recent changes make clear

Internships and pre-licensing employment under other names serves multiple purposes. One purpose is to train future professionals. Another might be to limit entry into a profession. Both things seem to be at issue with law internships in Israel.

Ynet has the story:
New two-year internship challenges Israeli law students
While senior lawyers welcome new regulations announced by Justice Minister Shaked, law students complain internship is akin to 'modern slavery.'

"Israeli law students will now have to complete a two-year internship in order to become certified lawyers as part of new regulations announced by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked on Tuesday.

"The current requirement is of a one-year internship. The new regulations will come into effect for all students starting law studies this fall.

"In her remarks at the annual conference of the Israel Bar Association, Shaked clarified that the process of being admitted to the bar would now take five years including studies.

"I decided to extend the length of the required internship period to two years believing that law students will be much better qualified and prepared to take their bar exam, and will have to show a great deal of dedication in order to become lawyers," Shaked said.

"This will lead to a decline in the number of lawyers, and an increase in their professional expertise," she concluded."

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