Friday, September 18, 2015

Matching pets to homes: HBS celebrates Christine Exley and Wagaroo

HBS Working Knowledge interviews Christine Exley about Wagaroo, a marketplace for "rehoming" dogs who need a home:

Can Applied Economics Save Homeless Puppies?
"At a startup she co-founded while pursuing a doctorate in economics, Christine L. Exley is rescuing dogs with principles of market design"

"“Instead of people having to give their dog to the shelter, we can help them skip the shelter and directly rehome their dog into a new loving family,” says Exley, noting that the program also helps families follow best practices about rehoming their dogs via financial and informational resources, periodic tip emails, and individualized consultations where appropriate.
"For Exley and Battles, establishing safety meant preventing unethical breeders from posing as families needing to rehome their dogs. Wagaroo deals with that issue by not allowing owners in the Family2Family program to receive fees for their dogs. The logic: Puppy mills are in it for the money, which discourages them from posting on Wagaroo.

Some people don’t want pets to go to a family not willing to pay for it, and are hesitant to give their dogs away for free. Wagaroo agrees with this concern, Exley says, and thus encourages families to charge a different kind of rehoming fee that goes to Wagaroo, rather than to the previous owner. In return, Wagaroo uses the fee to help other dogs find homes and to support organizational operating costs."

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