Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dynamic games in this summer's Jerusalem School of Economic Theory, June 24-July 3 2015

...with some experimenters on the faculty too...

26th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory

Dynamic Games

Event date: Jun 24 - Jul 3, 2015 

    Eric Maskin, Director (Harvard University)
    Elchanan Ben-Porath, Codirector (The Hebrew University)
    Drew Fudenberg (Harvard University)

    In many economic, social, and political settings, participants interact strategically not just once but over time.

    When raising its import tariffs today, for example, a country will try to anticipate the reactions of its trading partners tomorrow. And an oligopolistic firm can learn from its rivals’ past pricing behavior so as to gauge what prices they are likely to set now.

    The Summer School will emphasize theoretical aspects of dynamic games, but will also include work on experiments.

    List of speakers:
    Robert Aumann (The Hebrew University)
    Martin Cripps (University College London)
    Guillaume Fréchette (New York University)
    Drew Fudenberg (Harvard University)
    Sergiu Hart (The Hebrew University)
    Johannes Hörner (Yale University)
    Navin Kartik (Columbia University)
    George Mailath (University of Pennsylvania)
    Eric Maskin (Harvard University)
    Abraham Neyman (The Hebrew University)
    Larry Samuelson (Yale University)
    Alistair Wilson (University of Pittsburgh)

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