Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kidney exchange in France

Here (with the aid of Google Translate) is the announcement from November 2013:

  Le don croisé de reins va démarrer en 2014  (Paired kidney donation will start in 2014)

And here's an update from FRANCE ADOT, la fédération des Associations pour le Don d'Organes et de Tissus humains .:

When these transplants living will they start?

Since the passage of the law, such "cross-transplants" have been done because of the difficulty of simultaneously compatible with a pair A pair B. The specialists think that they should have a number approaching fifty pairs for this to work and ABM identifies existing pairs in the hope of starting these transplants living in Spring 2014. Thirty pairs are already on the list. These new forms of graft must respect the rule of anonymity and levies and transplantation between the two pairs can only be made in parallel and simultaneously to preserve equality of opportunity between two recipients.

HT Shengwu Li

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