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Black markets for kidney transplants

miscellaneous black market links I've been collecting, of different vintages:

Nancy Scheper-Hughes in the New Internationalist magazine, May 2014: Human traffic: exposing the brutal organ trade reports, April 2014: 410 Saudis said to buy organs on black market
"As many as 410 Saudis have bought organs – mainly kidneys – from the black market for illegal transplantations over the past two years, Makkah daily reported.
Dr Faisal Shaheen, director of the Saudi Center for Organ Transplants, was quoted as saying: “A total of 220 Saudis bought organs for transplants from markets in Pakistan, China and Egypt in 2013 and 190 did the same in 2012 at their own personal expense.”

CNN, March 2014: Lebanese mayor arrested in Spain, accused of attempted organ trafficking
"A wealthy mayor from Lebanon has been arrested in Spain for allegedly offering to pay $55,000 to poor people to obtain liver tissue for his liver transplant, police and a government official announced Wednesday.
"The mayor's alleged accomplices recruited and later paid for nine poor people -- eight immigrants and a Spaniard -- to have specialized liver compatibility tests at a clinic in Valencia last summer, police say. The combined tests cost $16,000, which the mayor's aides allegedly paid. Some of the nine people also received small sums of money for taking part, police said.
Just one man, a Romanian immigrant, met the medical criteria for the liver tissue removal and, posing as a legitimate donor, he accompanied the Lebanese mayor last summer to a Barcelona clinic that specializes in liver transplants. But medical workers there, following strict protocols against human organ trafficking, prevented it."
(same story here from another source: )

Frank Delmonico's 2011 slides: WHO Perspective on Self-sufficiency--Accountability on the National Level calling for countries to develop organ donation sufficient to cover their national needs for transplantation.

The Guardian, in Dec 2010 (with various Eastern Europe mentions): The doctor at the heart of Kosovo's organ scandal As Kosovo's prime minister denies links to organ trafficking, 'Doctor Vampire' is the subject of an international manhunt
"Azerbaijan's prosecutor-general's office said last month that an investigation prompted by information from Ukranian police found "citizens of various countries" had been brought into the country for illegal kidney transplants. Four Ukrainian doctors have been arrested in connection with the alleged racket. Azerbaijani press reported that Sonmez was "involved" in the ring, which also did operations in Ecuador. " reports, August 2010, on Illegal Organ Transplant Mafia Exposed
"The group has been disclosed by the Trafficking Prevention Department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The trans-national criminal group was involved in illegal transplantation of kidney and it included 12 members. Yurii Kucher, representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, said over three years the group has recruited online and transported Ukrainian, Russia, Moldavian, Belarus and Uzbek citizens to Azerbaijan and Ecuador.
The Azerbaijan law enforcement agencies are unavailable for comments. It has been established that the operations were performed in a private clinic inBaku. The lawyers claim if the donors sold their kidney voluntarily, this is not a crime and any accusations are groundless. Many people are ready to sell their internal organs to make money.  A few days prior to the arrests in Ukraine, Yeni Musavat, an Azeri newspaper, sent a journalist to an area in downtown Baku where the illegal organ donor recruiters gathered and formed a market. The Yeni Musavat journalist was offered to go to a hospital to negotiate terms for the kidney removal.  In the clinic, the journalist was asked to consider selling part of his liver."

Yosuke Shimazono, "The state of the international organ trade: a provisional picture based on integration of available information, Bulletin of the World Health Organization Volume 85, Number 12, December 2007, 901-980

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