Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kidney exchange between Jewish and Arab families in Israel

Kidney exchange erases boundaries, here's the story from Haaretz (in Hebrew, with Google translate:)

דו קיום: ערבייה תרמה כליה ליהודי; בנו תרם לערבי

Coexistence: Jews receive Arab donated kidney; son contributed to an Arab
Cross-transplant saved lives - and put hearts: the wife of Muhammad Eckert Haifa donated a kidney to Ben Yair. Exchange contributed son of Yair kidney to her husband. "For them it does not matter who contributed to whom. Them they saved the family" 

A more usual story is of ordinary deceased donation: here's one from the Jerusalem Post
Jewish kidney donation saves Palestinian boy
"Kidney of Israeli boy who suffered brain death saves Palestinian child; Peres: We are proud of your contribution to peace."

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