Saturday, June 15, 2013

An unusual blogging distinction, if it were true

Science writer Colin Schultz writing about Why Scientists Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Blogging and Social Media, presents a slide show that makes the following claim:

So this is Market Design. It’s written by Alvin Roth. Alvin stands as being, as far as I know, the only person with a Nobel prize who runs a blog. Alvin, along with Lloyd Shapley, won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences last year, and this was Alvin’s blog post that day.

I would count the Becker-Posner blog in this category too, but I can't tell whether Mr. Schultz overlooked it, or doesn't count it as what he thinks of as a blog...

Are there any others that you know of?


Rosario said...

Well, Paul Krugman's. Or doesn't it count as a blog, given that it's ran by the New York Times?

Unknown said...

Carl Wieman runs an occasional blog:

Dreun said...

Hey Alvin,

Glad you saw the post -- and yeah that was unfortunately just an oversight on my part and I'm afraid I over-stated. Still, though, I think it's a fascinatingly small group. I think your work here is good motivation for any other scientists who want to blog but feel they might not have the time/see the reason.

- Colin