Monday, March 25, 2013

Stanford's student senate rejects an anti-Israel divestment resolution

The Stanford Daily has the story of the contentious and lengthy debate: Undergraduate Senate votes against divestmentbill

The resolution failed handily: the newspaper account also gives in passing a picture of Stanford's diverse student Senate:
"[the divestment] bill did not pass, with seven senators in opposition, five abstaining and one in support of the bill.
"Senator Janhavi Vartak ’15 voted in favor. Senators Anna Brezhneva ’15, Brandon Hightower ’15, Garima Sharma ’15, Bindra, Miller, Olivos and Pham voted against. Senators Fadavi, Bacon, Crouch, Haveles and Menjivar abstained."

A number of faculty members and well known personalities from the wider world sent messages both for and against divestment. The SD has that story too: two market designers were mentioned as being against the proposal. The full statements of many of those who went on record as opposing divestment can be found on the page of the Stanford Israel Alliance  Mine is here, and Yoav Shoham's is a short scroll down..

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