Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boston School Committee votes for "personalized" school districts

Late breaking news, tonight: Boston School Committee approves new student-assignment system (see this mornings post):

"The Boston School Committee tonight scrapped a school assignment plan developed under court-ordered desegregation almost a quarter century ago and approved a system that seeks to allow more students to attend schools closer to home.

Starting in fall 2014, the School Department will do away with three massive student-assignment zones, which it has operated since 1989.

Instead, a complex algorithm will generate a list of schools from which parents could choose based on a variety of factors, such as distance from school, school capacity, and MCAS performance. Parents will receive at least six school choices, including a minimum of four of medium or high-quality.

The committee also voted to do away with the so-called walk preference for schools."

As far as I can tell from a distance, I believe that preferences will still be processed according to the deferred acceptance algorithm my colleagues and I helped a previous school committee to adopt...

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