Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unraveling in Israel: CPAs and law grads

Ran Shorrer sends me an email about the hiring of CPA's in Israel, in an article (in Hebrew) that also touches on law firm hiring.  He writes:

"google translate with modifications (just to make it readable):

 The race to specialize will only start in CPA third year

The Board of Auditors shall recommend to the Ministry of Justice about a revolution in the management of specialization: accounting firms will not recruit interns until the end of their studies, students can choose to specialize in a greater number of enterprises and public institutions

Hadar Buy

the Board of Auditors decided to make a recommendation to the Minister of Justice correction accounting regulations regarding the regulation of the interviews and the acceptance of accounting students in their apprenticeship and the places who are entitled to receive specialized profession.

the Council auditors explains that the move is designed to create a uniform date for interns, similar to the one recently set by the Bar Association.

Choose to specialize without academic data

In August 2010, the Minister of Justice Yaakov Neeman signed on an amendment according to which law firms will not be allowed to interview candidates before March  in their third year of study.
Today, the accounting industry is not regulated, and specialized ministries begin recruiting the first year of their studies, making it difficult for firms to learn the capabilities of each student, and students themselves should decide on a specialty before managed to find out what interests them in their studies.
Dr. Hadas Glndr, head of the Department of Accounting at the College of Management, initiated the initial appeal to the Minister of Justice, said to Calcalist that the appeal to students in the first year due to the wish of firms to receive the best students at an early stage because of the competition between them.

 "There is no  academic data at this stage, so accounting firms hire testing services that will help them find qualified interns. Proposed regulation will determine to choose only the third year students not only designed to help firms but also for students in their third year and more unified in terms of their aspirations for the profession."
If the Minister of Justice approves the proposal of the Board of Auditors, the regulation will apply to candidates who began their studies in the school year following approval of the regulations."

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