Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rudolf Diesel, Niels Bohr and me ("great minds don’t go out of print; they go online.”)

So says Springer, which published my first book: Springer Book Archives Makes Its Debut:

"Chiarcos points to the value of keeping such titles in this archive alive. Among some of the treasures in the collection are Rudolph Diesel’s work on the diesel engine, Niels Bohr’s Über den Bau der Atome, and the first book by Alvin E. Roth, the 2012 Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences. After Roth won the Nobel Prize, Chiarcos says Springer received many requests to have his 1979 book translated into multiple languages. However, the book had since been out of print. SBA made it possible to gain access to the book and bring the title back into circulation.

In fact, the accomplished works of more than 200 Nobel Prize winners are now part of SBA to ensure that such seminal works are not lost over time, says Chiarcos. For the Springer product development team, the victories come in all sizes: “During our work on the project, we came to realize that great minds don’t go out of print; they go online.”

In the meantime, I long ago made the book available online myself...(although I guess the URL will change as I complete my electronic move to Stanford...):

Roth, Alvin E. Axiomatic Models of Bargaining, , Springer-Verlag, 1979.

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