Friday, July 6, 2012

Will circumcision become a repugnant transaction in Germany?

A court in Germany has ruled that circumcising young boys for religious reasons amounts to bodily harm.

Earlier attempts to ban circumcision in California lost support because of the “grotesque anti-Semitic imagery" employed by activists in favor of the ban.

HT: Sven Seuken


Anonymous said...

I think this issue is a little more complicated. I don't think people find the act of circumcision it self repugnant. But rather, the act of harming young helpless children. Similar outrage is expressed when young children are employed to work in dangerous sites, when children are used in the military, or when young children are molested and abused. We are repulsed by any act of molestation and abuse but the feelings are stronger when the victim is a child.

Now, if people come out and say that male circumcision is "mutilating" the body of young children, which cannot "defend" themselves, causing "trauma", then of course people are going to be repulsed. Since what is being done here is associating the act of circumcision with child exploitation and abuse, and this evokes emotion. Similarly if circumcised individuals declare that they resent their parents for it, is enforces the sense that these children are being traumatised.

As a final point, I want to emphasise that I condemn female circumcision and that this is not the same as male circumcision. It is not prescribed by Islam and most importantly its motivation is not guided by compassion.

Stan said...

Infant circumcision is an atrocity and a fraud. The male foreskin is as normal, natural, healthy and as lifelong-beneficial as the eyelids and the female foreskin. The male foreskin is integral to the penis and is essential both for NORMAL male sexual functioning and for that male to experience the full measure, the full degree of male sexual pleasures (which are only known by the intact older boy and intact man-- those sexually mutilated at birth or in boyhood have no idea what they're missing and such men make the worthless, ridiculous statement that "nothing is wrong" with them). This barbarism is *FORCED* on helpless, healthy baby boys by those who were, at birth, tortured and sexually mutilated. And sadly, their sex partners usually go along with this madness, this vile practice. Anyone supporting and spreading this child sexual mutilation perversion to others is either ignorant, or is in deep denial about the awful, permanent sexual, anatomical, neurological and physiological damage guaranteed to the baby boy (and to the man he becomes), or is psychopathological. Men who were sexually mutilated at birth (or in boyhood) generally want others to be forced to undergo this degrading, nature-insulting, dignity-robbing and lifelong harmful practice. The most violent groups/peoples in the world mutilate the penis of either helpless, healthy baby boys or of older, hapless,healthy boys. They are Jews, Muslims and Americans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stan,

Thanks for reinforcing the above point. Rhetoric is the name of the game.