Sunday, July 8, 2012

Indian surrogates bearing British babies

The Telgraph reports: how more and more Britons are paying Indian women to become surrogate mothers.

"There are now up to 1,000 clinics, all entirely unregulated, in the country, many specialising in helping Britons become parents.

"Couples and single people are paying an average of £25,000 a time to have children, getting around rules in the UK which make commercial surrogacy illegal.

"It is estimated that 2,000 births to surrogate mothers took place in the country last year, with most experts agreeing that Britain is the biggest single source of people who want to become parents in this way. Britain may account for as many as 1,000 births last year in India. In contrast there were 100 surrogate births recorded in Britain last year.
"Dr Sharma has chaired a committee which has drawn up proposals for industry standard. It would guarantee safety standards for the first time, outlaw sex selection, forbid women capable of childbirth making use of surrogacy and set up the first register of clinics, with a regime of inspections and sanctions for those which fail them.
"However the legislation has yet to be considered by India’s parliament and it could be many years before it becomes law. Dr Sharma’s committee has called for urgent action.
"Clinics in India offer fertility treatments which would-be parents in Britain would either be unable to have for legal reasons, or would face lengthy waits on the NHS to obtain.
"One clinic in New Delhi, The Birthplace of Joy, said that their patients were “100 per cent foreign” and estimated that as many as half of them were homosexual couples wanting to become parents."


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Wee Mary said...

Surrogacy in British is booming like anything as the news of surrogacy is well circulated to all the intended parents looking for children's but these days i think some rules have been changed by India about surrogacy.