Thursday, January 28, 2010


The NY Times has a forum on The Baby Market:

"The Times recently published an article on the ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of surrogates in reproduction, which become even more complicated when the parents are essentially contractors who find egg donors, sperm donors and pregnancy surrogates to carry the baby.
As surrogacy becomes more common, should contracts for babies be subject to the strict vetting applied to adoption? Is there a public interest in regulating the process and deciding who can obtain a baby through surrogacy? Or is this a reproductive right that should be left to the private realm?
Diane B. Kunz, Center for Adoption Policy
Arthur Caplan, bioethicist, University of Pennsylvania
Charles P. Kindregan Jr., professor of family law
Rebecca Dresser, law professor, Washington University "

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Tim Worstall said...

Something that confuses me immensely in this debate in the US context.

If getting rid of a fetus (ie, abortion) is one of those things protected by the right to privacy found under that penumbra of the Constitution, then surely (and yes, I know, the answer to ever question with "surely" in it is "no") the creation of a fetus is similarly so protected?