Saturday, January 30, 2010

misc kidney exchange news stories, videos

VIDEO: Woman Part Of Kidney Exchange Benefiting 10 People - Video ...Twenty people in four states will have surgeries, giving 10 people a chance at a better life.

Washington, D.C News - feedmap.netChris Conte, 49, a single dad who lives near Frederick, and his cousin, Pam Hull, have always been close Last week, that relationship got even closer when they took part in a large-scale kidney exchange at Georgetown University Hospital

Health Watch: DC Kidney Exchange - TopixA record-setting kidney exchange took place at Georgetown University Hospital. The exchange got many people off dialysis.

Four Days, Two Hospitals, 14 Surgeries, story in Georgetown University Hospital newsletter.
Here's a video of part of the Georgetown news conference with the patients.

Kidney exchange program helps save two lives in Kentucky - WAVE 3 ...Dec 17, 2009 ... WAVE 3 TV Louisville, KY

Three-Way Kidney Exchange Worked NBC San DiegoDec 17, 2009 ... Three lives were saved in a medical first for San Diego County.

YouTube - Rare Kidney Exchange, interview with donors and patients in a short non-directed donor chain.

YouTube - Alliance for Paired Donation: A chain of altruism, a video presentation about Rees' now famous first non-simultaneous chain (not a gripping video, just magazine pictures, but it gives an idea of the span in time and space...).

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