Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spring 2010 courses in Market Design in Boston/Cambridge

Susan Athey at Harvard and Tayfun Sonmez at Boston College will both be teaching market design courses this semester, and Peter Coles and Benjamin Edelman will be teaching an MBA class at HBS called Managing Networked Businesses, that has a substantial focus on entrepreneurial market design.

Susan Athey: Economics 2056b. Topics in Market Design Catalog Number: 0402 Half course (spring term). Tu., Th., 1–2:30. EXAM GROUP: 15, 16Studies topics in market design, focusing on auctions, auction-based marketplaces and platform markets. Covers methods and results from theory, empirical work, econometrics and experiments, highlighting practical issues in real-world design.

Tayfun Sonmez: EC 802 Advanced Microeconomic Theory (Spring: 3)In recent years, auction theory and matching theory have found applications in many interesting real-life problems from a market/mechanism design perspective. Topics of this course include the theory of matching markets, multi-object auctions, school choice and kidney exchange.

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Dan Craig said...

Are all of these MBA or other courses where you have to be in a program, or are there any that can be taken individually, as you can at Harvard Extension?